Steve's Special Ice Cream Recipes

Ok. I've had several requests for my ice cream recipe. I can't claim it as my own since I got it from my friends Joe & Misti - who got it from their friends, who got it from their friends, and so on & so on... In other words, it's not a secret. But, the ingredients & the procedure are very simple - that's what makes it special! My first attempt at chocolate ice cream was nightmare. Melt the chocolate, heat the milk, combine this & that, heat it up, cool it down and finally freeze it to make the actual ice cream. Not with this recipe! Start to finish, you'll have ice cream in less than an hour.

Ice Cream Base
All recipes make 1 gallon of ice cream
Adjust amounts for your needs

Note: Choose a flavor below before following directions. Some flavors amend the directions of the base mix!

3 cans - sweetened condensed milk
3 pints - half & half

1. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into the ice cream can. I use a rubber spatula get all of the milk out. It is thick & gooey and need a little help. Don't punch a hole in the can and think you can pour it out that way. It won't work - trust me!!

2. Stir in the half & half. I pour in about a pint of the h&h first. Mix it well with the h&h. It takes a lot of stirring at first. Once it is mixed, add the rest of the h&h and mix well.

That's it!! Simple - the way I like it. Now this just the base. If you freeze it the way it is, you'll have ice cream, but it won't have much flavor. Choose one of the flavors below - or make up one of your own. Then follow the freezing directions at the bottom of the page.


Recipes for Specific Ice Cream Flavors


Additional Ingredients
1 pint - half & half
3 tsp - vanilla extract

Add the additional ingredients into the base and mix. Freeze as directed.

Note: If I am making vanilla, then I just buy 2 quarts of half & half.


Additional Ingredients:
4 Packets of Nestle's Pre-melted  Choco Bake (It comes in a yellow box and contains 8 packets)

Thoroughly, stir the chocolate into the sweetened condensed milk.  IMPORTANT: Combine the chocolate with the milk BEFORE adding the half & half. Add the half & half and freeze as directed.

Cookies & Cream

Additional Ingredients
3 tsp - vanilla extract
15 (approx) - Oreo cookies

Add the vanilla extract to the base mix and freeze. During the freezing process, chop up the cookies with a table knife. I put a few cookies in a cereal bowl and chop them up. Then add some more, chop them up and so on until the bowl is full. The idea is to have a bowl full of cookie chunks - not a bunch of crumbs. Of course you will have to sample a cookie or two - just to make sure that they are good enough for the ice cream ;-)

After the ice cream is done freezing, add the cookies and mix well.

Chocolate Fudge

Additional Ingredients:
4 Packets of Nestle's Pre-melted  Choco Bake - optional (It comes in a yellow box and contains 8 packets)
12 oz (1 jar) - Hershey's hot fudge

Thoroughly, stir the chocolate and the hot fudge into the sweetened condensed milk.  IMPORTANT: Combine the chocolate with the milk BEFORE adding the half & half. Add the half & half and freeze as directed.

Freezing the Ice Cream

No - you don't stick it in the freezer for a few hours and expect to have ice cream. There is a process to it.  Besides the bucket and motor (or crank) that came with you ice cream maker, you will need two 7 lb. bags of crushed ice and a box or bag of rock salt.  I've used table salt in a pinch - the rock salt works much better. 

First, stick the paddle thingy in the can of ice cream mix and put the lid on so that the metal shaft sticks out the top. Save the cork that came with it for later (keep it clean). Put the can into the bucket and attach the motor (crank) on top. I put the whole thing into the sink. You can put it where you want - just remember that at this part salt water is involved. Get your ice & salt ready and plug in the motor. Add alternating layers of ice and salt into the bucket. I usually put in a couple of inches of ice and then cover that layer with the salt. Try to keep the layers even. Fill the bucket up the top of the can with the layers. During the freezing process, keep an eye on the level of ice. As it goes down, add another layer. You may have noticed a hole in the side of the bucket. That is a drain hole in case the water level gets too high. Keep it clear, you don't want salt water in your ice cream. 

The freezing process takes about 20 - 25 minutes. You will know when you are done when the motor stops. As soon as it stops, unplug the motor and remove it from the bucket.  Remove the lid and the paddle from the can. I like to have some paper towels, a mixing bowl and a spatula handy for this part. Be careful not to get salt into the ice cream. The ice cream will be the consistency of a thick shake. Now is the time to add any ingredients such as Oreo cookies. Replace the lid, this time with the cork stuck in the hole at the time. Place the can in your freezer for at least a few hours - or even overnight - to allow it to harden up. If you need to transport it, just pack it in alternating layers of ice and salt, just as you did when you froze it the first time.

So there you have it. A simple recipe that's easy to make - and it won't take all afternoon to make it. The best part is, you'll get a good batch every time!!